Save Scram Kitty

Scram Kitty DX is the new version of the critical hit shooter-platformer Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails, updated by Dakko Dakko for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

Take control of a rail-riding, laser-shooting young hero on a perilous quest to rescue his pet cat, Scram Kitty, kidnapped and imprisoned in the depths of the World's biggest orbiting space laboratory, along with all of Earth's cats.

Save the World?

Scram Kitty is at the mercy of an ever-expanding army of maniacal mechanised mice! You must use your magnetic Spinboard to ride energy rails deeper and deeper into the station and defeat the twisted mouse creations of a science experiment gone terribly wrong.

With a unique control system that allows for full 360-degree platforming action and thrilling 2D shooting, Scram Kitty DX will see you glide along glowing rails, leap across chasms and create arcing streams of shots as you rid each stage of its rodent aggressors and rescue all the cats imprisoned within.